Month: June 2019

Finance Your Studies With a Loan

by Sharon Garcia

Do you want to finish your studies but you need an economic boost? Or do you directly want to embark on a new academic adventure? In any of these cases, know that you can finance your studies with a loan from Rommy .


A personal loan to finance studies

A personal loan to finance studies

One of the most common reasons for requesting a personal loan is to finance the studies. Therefore, if you want to expand your training, it is important that you know that in Rommy we give you the possibility of hiring a loan.


Why finance studies with a loan?

Why finance studies with a loan?

There are people who want to continue training and do not have enough income, so they use personal loans to finance the studies.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if it's a University tuition, a language study abroad, a Master's degree, etc. Everything costs money and, although normally the center gives the possibility to pay it in installments, if the cash is not available, there are only two options: opt for a personal loan to finance the studies or leave the training for later.

However, training is an investment , a bet to opt for a better future. That is why it is important that you always bet on her, even if that means asking for a personal loan.


Advantages of opting for a loan to pay for studies

Advantages of opting for a loan to pay for studies

We believe that these are some of the reasons why you should finance your studies:


To take it better

If you slam into the studios and you have serious problems paying fees and tuition, you may be forced to abandon them; losing even the money of the first tuition fees. So an advantage of opting for the financing of studies is to take it better in this aspect and do not have to worry about money.


Not to postpone it

Not to postpone it

We do not want that for anything in the world you see yourself in the obligation to postpone your studies, since the sooner you get the training, the better. That's why asking for it will help you not have to postpone it.


To be calmer

The uneasiness that can be assumed by not knowing if you will have the money to pay for your studies could take your toll. So whenever you can avoid feeling this way. P

It is a way to receive money today to pay for your studies and not have to worry about the economic issue while you are studying. That is why it is important that you know about the existence of this possibility.


How is Rommy's loan to finance the studies?

personal finance

In Rommy we offer you a loan to finance your studies of up to 40,000 euros and pay back in comfortable installments.

You will simply have to enter the Rommy loan website to access all the information. From there you will see a loan simulator that you can get and you will only have to follow the steps to adapt it to your needs.

You will need to download the Rommy app and connect your bank accounts so we can calculate your FinScore . The higher it is, the better the loan conditions to finance the studies.

In Rommy we negotiate with the best financial institutions the loan that best suits your needs, so that you have to pay back as little as possible. Therefore, if someone can offer you the best credit, that someone is us.

So if you want to finance your studies , improve your training and not have to worry about money, we encourage you to do it! It is booming and more and more people choose it.

Bank Mobile Wallets

by Sharon Garcia


Mobile wallets have entered the rush of consumer life. This is really a natural develOLment, as mobile wallets are basically mobile apps, that is, mobile phone downloads, just like Famegram or Facelife. And it is apps that are the smart phone thing.

The first pioneers in mobile payment have been Orange Pay , for example , but banks have also joined the race.

Previously, we wrote about Honest Bank in Mobile Pay , for example . It was recently reported that Honest Bank in Mobile Pay will be made available to all Nordic banks and will no longer be marketed as a Honest Bank service.

We now introduce three mobile wallets - have you tried any of them yet?

Ol- Vivo is a smart wallet application that can be downloaded to Android phones with NFC support. A smart wallet is little more than a traditional wallet that holds two credit cards, children's school pictures and coins. Vivo keeps your bank details and your debit / credit card. It even hints at nearby services and discounts.

However, paying for your purchases will make life easier most of all. At Vivo, payment is made by flashing the phone at the convenience store payment terminal. If you want to pay for your purchase with Vivo, you must be an OL customer and have an OL-Visa Debit Mobile Card, a digital payment card.

Good Money - Wallet

Aktia - Wallet

Good Money recently acquired Jessica Wallet and began developing the application in the right direction for its business. Jessica's Wallet app still works the old way, and a new, more advanced Wallet has just been released.

Wallet is an electronic wallet where you can download money by debit card or online banking. Wallet acts as a kind of nerve center through which you can direct your money transactions elsewhere: for example, Good Money offers proximity payment stickers that you can stick on your phone. Purchases paid with local money transfer labels will be charged to Wallet. Near Payment labels work the same way as a Near Payment card - except that you can stick a sticker on almost any medium you want to use to pay.

There are other payment instruments that can be added to the wallet in addition to the payment stickers, and each payment instrument can have its own daily usage limit. You can also prevent a single payment instrument from being used if you are afraid that it has fallen into the wrong hands. Geographical restrictions can also be introduced immediately. You can also temporarily close the card from the application.

You can also connect a Wallet card to your Wallet, which works with any MasterCard network service. The idea is that you still pay in a familiar way, that is, by entering your card information into an online store. An online payment card can be made for each online service or family member individually, and each card can be subject to different usage restrictions. Because the online payment card is completely digital, it will never be lost.

Good Money Wallet can be used even if you are not an Good Money customer. However, you must be at least 15 years old to create an account. However, if you are an Good Money customer, you can view your card balance and transactions in real time in the app.

You can also apply for Good Money's unsecured Operating loan at Good Money Wallet. Compare Good Money's loans to our other loan comparisons:

Good Lender - Good Lender Pay

Nordea - Nordea Pay

Good Lender 's Good Lender Pay is currently mainly suited for short-distance payments, replacing traditional debit and credit cards. In addition to the near-payment feature, the app can track card transactions and balances.

Like the OL application, Good Lender Pay is only available on the Android Operating system. In addition, you must have a Good Lender Access Code application and a Good Lender Credit / Debit Card.

Good Lender has announced that it is develOLing the app all the time, so new features besides shopping tracking and mobile payment are coming. Support for other cards is also coming.

You can download the application here.

Finns still like card payments


Despite new applications and hype, card payment seems to be holding up. According to one study, card payment was the most popular payment method .

A credit card is a meta payment method that can be used both as a physical card and in applications.

You can easily compare credit cards in our credit card comparison

Credit Card Comparison Here's the credit card for you

Time will tell if the explosive supply of the market will finally make consumers excited about new payment methods

Losing fear of credit card

by Sharon Garcia

If you have a friend or someone in the family who has many debts, and most of them have to do with your credit cards, it is common that you have begun to fear that little plastic that seems to have the power to make our lives miserable.

It also happens that when the financial situation becomes difficult, many people are afraid to use the credit card for fear of ending up in debt.

Cause of many penalties

credit score

The truth is that credit cards, as well as being the cause of many penalties, can also be a very useful tool and make life easier for us in many ways. Everything is in the use we make of this great tool. The key is to inform us and know everything we need to know to be a responsible consumer and make excellent use of our credit.

Here, some recommendations to become responsible consumers:


Know your card right and wrong.

Even if you feel lazy, you should read the contract and the terms of your credit card. The main thing to consider is the credit limit granted, the interest rate for purchases, fees and cash availability, costs (maintenance, commissions, etc.) and the payment dates.

Be punctual in your payments

Be punctual in your payments

May the cutoff date not surprise you. If you fall behind, interest begins to run for each day of delay and the worst is that this interest is usually greater than what you are already paying for your purchases.

Do not withdraw cash from the card

Do not withdraw cash from the card

Interest rates are much higher than those of a purchase and in addition, certain fees are charged for this withdrawal. Withdrawing cash, even if it seems like an easy way to get liquid money, is one of the ways to misuse it.

Pay more than the minimum

When you make the minimum payment your debt will take longer to be canceled because you are only paying the interest of the month. Organize your expenses so you can pay more and thus end your debts sooner than previously thought.

Do not exceed your credit limit

The limit should be set according to your economic situation and the income you receive, so spending more than you can afford is imprudent. On the other hand, if you have enough money to spend more, take into account that many cards charge a penalty for exceeding the established credit limit, so it is not appropriate.

Don't forget that in David Balfour you can find the credit card comparator, where you will see all the market options as well as the benefits that each one offers you, so you can choose the one that best suits your consumption profile.

Financial education is essential to maintain a good financial situation. Using these tips, you will enjoy using your card and at the same time you will stay away from debt.